Robert Dighton - D10685

Stephen Kemble ('Hamlet in Scotland')
by and published by Robert Dighton
published 6 December 1794
NPG D10685

Portraits in Profile: the Dighton Family

Robert Dighton 1751-1814

NPG D10685
'Hamlet in Scotland', Stephen Kemble (1758-1822), published 1794

Actor, manager and writer, Stephen Kemble was the brother of John Philip Kemble, Charles Kemble and Sarah Siddons.

After feuds over tenancy, and much criticism, Kemble finally took over the management of the Theatre Royal in Edinburgh, opening with a production of 'Hamlet' in January 1794; his brother John playing the lead role. Stephen Kemble's large girth is the focus of attention here; he eventually weighed over eighteen stone despite being only five feet nine inches tall.

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