Robert Dighton - D10873

Thomas Clark ('A gentle ride from Exeter 'Change to Pimlico')
by and published by Robert Dighton
published August 1812
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Portraits in Profile: the Dighton Family

Robert Dighton 1751-1814

NPG D10873
'A Gentle ride from Exeter to Pimlico', Thomas Clark (1737-1816), published 1812

Brought up as a farmer, he moved to London in 1757 and acquired a stall at Exeter Change in the Strand, initially selling sticks and then cutlery. Through frugality and business acumen he amassed a large fortune.

Exeter Change was most famous as the home Edward Cross' menagerie. Clark would make his way there from his residence in Pimlico; according to his obituary in the Gentleman's Magazine in 1816, ' Morning and Evening saw him on his old horse, as well known at Charing Cross as King Charles himself'.

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