Benjamin's Britain

Benjamin Zephaniah
by Miriam Reik
NPG x30307

Past display archive
13 June - 10 September 2006

Room 37a


"I am a music lover, an animal lover, and a people lover. In this exhibition I wanted to bring all my lovers into one space. I just want to celebrate life, here, now".

This exhibition features a selection of photographs by poet and author, Benjamin Zephaniah. It is a very personal selection drawn from four themes, which focus on, as well as celebrate, issues and movements that have particular meaning for him.

Brit Islam addresses the issue of the demonization of Muslims, especially by some sectors of the media. Zephaniah has selected images of Muslims from the 1950's to the present day.

Face Me challenges our perception of people who have been stigmatized in another way. The images of people with facial disfigurements are provided by Changing Faces, a charity that addresses the psychological and social challenges faced by people with disfigurements of all kinds.

Punky Reggae Party brings together images of musicians across different musical styles and decades. They are linked by their attitude, political voice and ability to make people dance.

Animals Like Me highlights Zephaniah's vegan stance and expresses his love for all living things.

This exhibition was first shown at Manchester Art Gallery as part of a collaboration with the Gallery made possible by the DCMS/DfES National/Regional Museum Education Partnerships Programme.


Thursday 7 September, 19.00
Benjamin Zephaniah will be discussing the themes and the selection of work in Benjamin's Britain. Free

Lee 'Scratch' Perry
by Gerald Jenkins
16 June 2003
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Sinéad O'Connor
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May 1988
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