Chinese Connections

Jung Chang
by Anderson & Low
NPG x76980

Past display archive
27 January - 28 March 2006

Room 39


This photographic display of six contemporary figures with Chinese connections, from the National Portrait Gallery's collection, marks the start of the Chinese Year of the Dog, and coincides with the China In London season of events. The season celebrates Chinese culture and the relationship between China and Britain, with a series of exhibitions, shows, films and workshops.

As well as portraits of Chinese subjects, the National Portrait Gallery's collection includes works by Chinese photographers, such as Liam Woon, Lewis Morley and Edwin Hock Low, of Anderson & Low. Their work can be viewed on the Woodward Portrait Explorer in the IT Gallery.

Ken Hom
by Barry Marsden
NPG P718(12)

Grace Lau
by Grace Lau
July 2005
NPG x128064

Jimmy Choo
by Bronwyn Kidd
31 October 1997
NPG x87336