Sixteen by Fourteen: Recent Photographic Acquisitions

Past display archive
7 February - 9 October 2011

Room 41a


Asif Kapadia
by James Galloway
February 2003
NPG x126107

The National Portrait Gallery is a visual reflection of contemporary British life and culture. Every year the Gallery acquires a diverse selection of contemporary photographs. This display, which first opened in February 2011 was revised in July in order to highlight ten additional unshown recent acquisitions by photographers including Jay Brooks, Henry Browne, James Galloway, Francesco Guidicini, Tricia Malley and Ross Gillespie, Mischa Richter, Richard Saker, Jon Shard, and Daniel Stier. The sitters included in this display are drawn from popular science, through art, to contemporary film and music.

Other recent photographic acquisitions can be explored through the New Portraits page of the Gallery’s website here and seen on the Portrait Explorer in the IT Gallery of the National Portrait Gallery.

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