DJ: U-Cef

A male head in profile with long hair tied back, against a blue background with Arabic writing across it; in the top left-hand corner Arabic style writing spells out u-cef halalwood
HALALWOOD © Kay Wahlig

23 February 2024, 18.30-20.30

Main Hall

Free (drop-in)

Join DJ U-Cef for an evening of Moroccan music in our Main Hall.

Colour photographic portrait of a man wearing a hat and sunglasses as he leans on a pile of watermelons
DJ U-Cef © Hassan Hajjaj

is Morocco's first and foremost digitalizer. In the course of his two albums, he's managed to put Gnawa music, dub, sinuous classic Arabic arrangements, electronic beats, MCs, big drums and crunchy rock guitars into a giant blender to produce something fresh and original.