Members' early morning view - The Time is Always Now: Artists Reframe the Black Figure and Francesca Woodman and Julia Margaret Cameron: Portraits to Dream In

Members' event

A painted scene that harks back to classicism, with the focus of the frame being a saintly female figure robed in dark green and yellow. Her dark hair is tied up. She holds one hand out to a man who kneels before her. Next to him is another man who lies on the floor. The scene is framed by a large window, the sky is indigo blue, and there are silhouettes of palm trees and other foliage.
Nanny of the Maroons' Fifth Act of Mercy by Kimathi Donkor (2012) © Kimathi Donkor. Courtesy of the artist and Niru Ratnam, London. Photo: Tim Bowditch

15 April 2024, 08.30-10.00

Exhibition space

Booking opens 7 March 2024