Lunchtime Lecture: How to Behave Badly in Renaissance Britain

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4 October 2018, 13:15

Ondaatje Wing Theatre

Tickets: £4 (£3 concessions and Gallery Supporters) Book online, or visit the Gallery in person.

King Henry VIII; King Henry VII
by Hans Holbein the Younger
circa 1536-1537
NPG 4027

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BBC historian Ruth Goodman offers a lively exploration of life during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries with a revealing history of bad language, insulting gestures, brawling and scandal - and practical help on how to horrify the neighbours.

Ruth Goodman is a social historian and regular TV broadcaster and presenter. She has presented a number of hugely successful series for the BBC, including Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm, Wartime Farm, Tudor Monastery Farm, Inside the Food Factory, and most recently Full Steam Ahead. She is also a regular expert presenter on The One Show. As well as the books accompanying her many series, she has written the critically acclaimed How to be a Victorian and How to be a Tudor. Ruth works regularly with museums, theatre and educational establishments, offering advice services, lectures and practical workshops.