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BP Portrait Award 2005 - Exhibitors

BP Portrait Award
at the National Portrait Gallery

Images from the BP Portrait Award 2005
The 53 portraits selected for exhibition

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Giulietta Coates
by Dean Marsh
oil on board

First Prize

The Universe
by Saul Robertson
oil on linen

Second Prize

Richard Deacon
by Gregory Cummins
mixed media on canvas

Third Prize

Monkey painting
by Conor Walton
oil on panel

Fourth Prize


Self Portrait
by Daniel Munday
oil on canvas

Gran Turismo
by Megan Davies
oil on canvas

The Craftsman
by Daniel Wray
oil on board

by Jonathan Yeo
oil on canvas


by Andrew Tift
acrylic on canvas

by Paul Smith
oil on canvas

End of the Festival
by David Martin
oil on canvas

by Antony Williams
egg tempera/p


Cian McLoughlin
Self Portrait
oil on canvas

Portrait of Kevin Kiely - Writer
by Maeve McCarthy
oil on panel

by Hugo Wilson
oil on canvas

Orange Angel
by David Webb
a&oil on canvas


This is me when I'm painting
(Self Portrait)

by Shaun James Nielsen
oil on board

Anna and Kiki
by James Hart Dyke
oil on canvas

Portrait of Sally Esdaile and her family or Tea-time
by Eneko Fraile-Ugalde
oil on canvas

L as Miss Palmers after Reynolds
by Andy Pankhurst
oil on canvas

Beky Stoddart
(mural painter)

by Nicholas Middleton
oil on canvas

by Graham Milton
oil on canvas

by Jack Kettlewell
acrylic on canvas

Waiting for Margaret
by Paul Birdsall
oil on canvas

by Craig Wylie
oil on linen

by Joel Ely
oil on canvas

La Familia
by Tim Okamura
oil on canvas

by Jason Walker
oil on board

(Self Portrait) with Knife and Meat
by Alex Rennie
oil on canvas

The Oswestry Connection
by Stephen Earl Rogers
oil on board

by Jennifer Anderson
oil on canvas

by Stefan Towler
oil on board

Chicken Pox
by Annemarie Busschers
acrylic on canvas

David Arnold
by Emma Wesley
acrylic on board

by Jackie Anderson
oil on board

Ailing Novelist
by Konstantin Sheiko
oil on canvas

by Paul Oxborough
oil on linen

Self Portrait
by Bonnie Thompson
oil on board

Domanda E Risposta
by Davide Castronovo
oil on board

Sir Duncan Joseph
by Duncan Joseph
oil on canvas

Self-Portrait, Shaving 2 (return of the mach)
by Ian Lamont
oil on canvas/b

Portrait of Chantal Menard
by Sean Cheetham
oil on panel

by Sylvie Clarke
oil on canvas

Self Portrait
by Gavin Young
oil on board

A Quiet Place
by John Murphy-Woolford
oil on board

Self Portrait in Front of "Red Dawn 2005"
by Nicky Philipps
oil on canvas

by Charlotte Steel
oil on board

Tell Me
by Helena Hugo
oil on board

My Brother (Paul)
by Brendan Kelly
acrylic on canvas

Person 2004/5
by Roy Eastland
acrylic on board

Five to Midnight
by Sheldon Hutchinson
oil on board

Wife and Daughter
by Thierry Louis Tremas
oil on canvas

Tibi Tibi
by Daniel Hughes
oil on board

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