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BP Portrait Award 2006 - Exhibitors

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BP Portrait Award
at the National Portrait Gallery

Images from the BP Portrait Award 2006
The 56 portraits selected for exhibition

Click on a portrait to see a larger version.

First Prize

by Andrew Tift
acrylic on board

Second Prize

From the Series Model for a Self Portrait 'Model 1 (Lola)'
by Rafael Rodriguez Cruz
oil on canvas

Third Prize

Self - Portrait
by Angela Reilly
oil on canvas


by Joseph Avery
oil on board

Poet Laureate
by Annemarie Busschers
acrylic on canvas

by Gregory Cumins
oil on canvas

Seated Man
by Michael De Brito
oil on canvas

Portrait of the Artist's Wife
by J.J (Jeremy) Delvine
acrylic on canvas

by Clara Drummond
oil on board

Rosie Sekers
by Robert Dukes
oil on board

by Darvish Fakhr
oil on canvas

No Title
by Irene Ferguson
oil on canvas

by David Fulford
oil on canvas

Mr & Mrs Gardiner
by Iain Gardiner
oil on canvas

by Vanessa Garwood
oil on canvas

The late Joshua Compston
by Nicola Green
oil on board

by Barry Haines
oil on linen

Hermes and George
by Howard Craig Hanna
oil on canvas

Watch Now
by Andrew Hilling
acrylic and mixed mediacrylic on canvas

Roger Holloway
by Leo Holloway
egg tempera on oak

by Alexander Innes
oil on canvas

by Ben Jamie
oil on linen

by Aleksandra Jarosz Laszlo
acrylic on canvas

by Jon Jones
oil on board

by Shi-Chi Lin
oil on canvas

Portrait of Matthew
by Norman Long
oil on board

British Ambassador
by Gentian Lulanaj
oil on board

Self Portrait
by Ana-Maria Micu
oil on canvas

Personal Space
by Graham Milton
oil on canvas

My Father Praying
by Grace O'Conner
oil on canvas

Gallery Man
by Geraldine O'Neill
oil on canvas

La Familia 3 (Les Soeurs)
by Tim Okamura
oil on canvas

When thou walkest through the fire thou shalt not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon thee... Isaiah 43:2
by Sergio Ostroverhy
oil on canvas

Dear Demented Mother
by Jekaterina Pertoft oil on canvas

Ageing Clown
by Anastasia Pollard
oil on board

Self portrait with pink roses
by Erin Raedeke
oil on canvas

by Stephen Earl Rogers
oil on board

Black Beads
by Patricia Rorie
oil on board

Dr Wayper
by Rebecca Smith
acrylic on board

I am sorry!
by Jung-Im Song
oil on canvas

My Twins
by Sarah Spencer
oil on board

by Emily Stainer
acrylic on canvas

Mandy, Ginnie & Katie
by Benjamin Sullivan
oil on canvas

My Tutor
by Craig Tiley
acrylic on canvas

Strange Cargo
by Stefan Towler
oil on board

by William Tuck
acrylic on canvas

Molly Jones
by Covadonga Valdes
oil on linen

by Adele Wagstaff
oil on linen

Bryan Pearce
by Jason Walker
oil on canvas

Donald Cline
by Emma Wesley
acrylic on board

by Monica Whalley
oil on board

by Toby Wiggins
oil on panel

by Katie Wright
acrylic on board

by Paul Wright
oil on canvas

by Craig Wylie
oil on linen

by Jonathan Yeo
oil on canvas



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