Michael Alphonsus Shen Fu-Tsung,     'The Chinese Convert' by Sir Godfrey Kneller, 1687 Oil on canvas, 2121 x 1320mm Lent by Her Majesty the Queen

Michael Alphonsus Shen Fu-Tsung, 'The Chinese Convert'
by Sir Godfrey Kneller, 1687
Oil on canvas, 2121 x 1320mm
Lent by Her Majesty the Queen


National Portrait Gallery, London
Ondaatje Lecture Theatre
Thursday 10 - Friday 11 May 2007

A one and a half-day interdisciplinary conference organised to accompany the exhibition Between Worlds: Voyagers to Britain 1700-1850 which opens at the National Portrait Gallery on 7 March 2007. Drawing on some of the individuals and ideas in the exhibition, the conference aims to consider issues related to cultural exchange and entanglement, relationships forged across cultural boundaries, and different forms of portraiture and biography. It is divided into three sections:

Exhibitions and Spectacle - this will consider some of the ways in which different cultures have been presented and put on show, ranging from the "performance of gentility" enacted for a social elite in the 18th century to the public exhibition of individuals, societies and artefacts in the mid and later 19th century.
Multicultural London - this will explore aspects of the multicultural history of London and Londoners' and visitors' experiences of cultural diversity pre-1900. It will provide a context in which to consider both the individuals represented in the exhibition and the general idea of cultural exchange.
Trans-national Biography - this will critique ways in which narratives about individuals from different cultures and about subjugated lives have been developed and retold in visual and textual discourses. It will also explore alternative biographies that can forefront authentic experiences and views.


Exhibitions and Spectacle - Thursday 10 May
Chaired by Jos Hackforth-Jones
Professor of Art History, Richmond the American International University in London

13.30 - Registration

13.45 - Welcome and Introduction

14.00 - Stephanie Pratt - Representatives and representation: American Indian delegations in England in the eighteenth century
Principal Lecturer in Art History, University of Plymouth

14.40 - Kate Fullagar - Reynolds' New Masterpiece: From Experiment in Savagery to Icon of Enlightenment
Postdoctoral fellow in the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, University of Sydney

15.15 - Tea

15.45 - Ros Poignant - Palaces of Illusion and Scientific Discipline: Indigenous Australians, Billy, Jenny, Toby and their companions in the late 19th century European show-space
Independent scholar, writer and curator, and Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Anthropology, University College London

16.40 - Wangui Wa Goro - Those without a Voice: Re-Presenting Saartje Baartman
Writer and Lecturer, Department of Applied Social Sciences, The Metropolitan University of London

17.15 - Discussion

17.45 - Drinks and visit to the Between Worlds exhibition

Multi-cultural London - Friday 11 May, 10.00

10.15 - Miles Ogborn - Global Geographies and 18th Century London
Professor of Geography, Queen Mary, University of London

10.50 - Coffee

11.20 - Rozina Visram - Asians in Georgian and Victorian London
Historian, Educationalist and Writer

12.00 - Caroline Bressey - The Black Presence in Victorian London
Lecturer, Department of Geography, University College London

12.40 - Discussion

13.00 - Lunch Break

Transnational Biography - Friday 11 May, 14.00
Chaired by Ludmilla Jordanova
Professor of Modern History, King's College London

14.15 - Colin Chambers - At the Heart of Empire: the "Other" on Stage, 1700-1900
Reader in Drama, Kingston University London

14.50 - Hakim Adi - Sessarakoo, Slavery and Abolition
Reader in the History of Africa and the African Diaspora, University of Middlesex

15.30 - Tea

16.00 - Dian Kriz - Street Cries as a TransAtlantic Genre: the case of Belisario's "Sketches of Character
Associate Professor, History of Art and Architecture, Brown University

16.40 - Lissant Bolton - Anthropology, ethnographic collections and individuals. An anthropology of the ways in which a number of individuals have surfaced in Pacific collections research
Curator of Pacific Collections, British Museum

17.15 - Panel Discussion - Cultural Entanglement Between Worlds
Annie Coombes (chair), Romita Ray, David Bindman, Jos Hackforth-Jones

18.00 - End

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