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BP Portrait Award 2008 - Exhibitors

BP Portrait Award
at the National Portrait Gallery

Images from the BP Portrait Award 2008
The 55 portraits selected for exhibition

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First Prize

by Craig Wylie

Second Prize

Amanda Smith at Vincent Avenue
by Simon Davis

Third Prize

Hannah O'Brien
by Robert O'Brien

BP Young Artist Award

by Peiyuan Jiang

by Jackie Anderson

by Andreas Basurto

by John Beard

by Celia Bennett

Blue Pool (Datuk Vinod Sekhar Family)
by Paul Benney

Portrait of a Serbian Student of theology with the serbian patriarch in background
by Emmanouil Bitsakis

Travel Award 2008

Sunny Jim
by Sue Burns

Birthmarks and Chest Hair
by Annemarie Busschers

Ooh err mrs
by Stephen Chappell

In The Bathroom Mirror
by Brian Clements

by Benjamin Cohen

Her Name is Rio
by Lucie Cookson

by José Luis Corella Garcia

Word to Mother
by Arth Daniels

Mike Figgis
by Nerys Davies

Moss Bank
by Tom Dewhurst

Dad And His Newspaper
by Alejandro domingo

by Maryam Foroozanfar

Carlos, 27 Years Later
by Nina Mae Fowler

Mark Princhard
by Nicola Green

by Gabriele Grones

Camisa A Cuadros
by Pauline Hazelwood

La Bohème
by Wim Heldens

Made in Britain
by Linda Hubbard

Self-Portrait With Winnie
by Andrew Hunt

by Oliver Jeffers

by Krasimir Kolev

by Alison Lee

Hamzah: The silver penny
by Paul Lisak

by Barry Mcglashan

Retrato del pintor Carlos Mondria (Portrait of the painter Carlos Mondria)
by Alejandro Marco Montalvo

My Mother-in-law, Anne, and her sister, Auntie Audrey
by Tony Noble

Taha (as Ronin)
by Tim Okamura

Sir Jeremy Isaacs
by Tom Phillips

by Flavia Maria Pitis

by Angela Reilly

by Keith Robinson

John Waters
by Oisin Roche

From the Series
"Answered Prayers" (Bruna)
by Rafael Rodríguez Cruz

Marian Dormint (Marian Sleeping)
by Josep Joaquim
Santilari Perarnau

Kristy, 3rd Attempt
by Geert Schless

by Fred Schley

by Elie Shamir

Student Debt
by Nathan Stell

by Benita Stoney

On Duddery Road
by Benjamin Sullivan

by Jason Walker

Professors Chris and Uta Frith
by Emma Wesley

Boots No.7 (2)
by Harriet White

by Nigel Wood

by Joanna Yates

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