BP Travel Award 2009

The BP Travel Award is an annual award of £5,000, to allow artists to experience working in a different environment on a project related to portraiture.

Last year the Award was won by Isobel Peachey who travelled to Belgium and Switzerland to sketch and paint portraits of those taking part in historical re-enactments. She visited The Company of Saynt George, a Swiss group re-enacting the history of a small artillery company from the 15th Century at Gruyères Castle near Fribourg, and The Napoleonic Association who portray the life of a military encampment near Antwerp in Belgium. A selection of Isobel's portraits from this journey are displayed in this year's exhibition.

    Jonas, Medieval Knight, Company of Saynt George (work in progress) by Isobel Peachey
    © Isobel Peachey, 2010