Prize Winners

by Louis Smith with help from Carmel Said

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Oil on canvas
3640 x 2430 mm

The prize winners for the BP Portrait Award 2011 were announced at the Awards Ceremony on 14 June 2011.

The Second Prize was awarded to Louis Smith for Holly.

Louis Smith studied at Tameside College and Sheffield University. His work was selected for the Threadneedle Prize (2009), The Discerning Eye (2010) and the BP Portrait Award 2009.

The portrait is of Holly, an artists’ model chosen by Smith after considerable research. In creating the portrait, Smith was greatly influenced by Renaissance paintings of historical subjects that include portraits of contemporary figures. Holly’s pose is based on the classical myth of Prometheus who was chained to a rock as punishment by Zeus. Smith built a set of the rocky surround in his studio. The frame is based on nineteenth-century models.

    © Louis Smith