Prize Winners

Mrs Cerna
by Sertan Saltan

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Oil on canvas
510 x 410 mm

The prize winners for the BP Portrait Award 2011 were announced at the Awards Ceremony on 14 June 2011.

The Young Artist Prize was awarded to Sertan Saltan for Mrs Cerna.

Sertan Saltan studied with the Azerbaijani artist Teymur Rzayev in his atelier in Istanbul. Saltan moved from his native Turkey to the US where he undertook a BFA in product design at the University of New York. His work has been influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures.

The portrait is of Mrs Cerna, the younger sister of a friend of the artist whose family Saltan joined for Thanksgiving in 2010. Seeing the young woman holding the carving knife while wearing rubber gloves with her hair in curlers amused Saltan and he immediately sketched her for this painting.

    © Sertan Saltan