Drummond Money-Coutts - The Magician
by Agnes Toth

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Oil on canvas
785 x 1160 mm

Agnes Toth studied fine art at University College Falmouth and the Academy of Fine Arts Budapest. Her work has been seen in solo exhibitions in Germany, Italy and Spain and group exhibitions in New York, London, and Budapest.

The portrait is of the British magician and ‘card sharp’, Drummond Money-Coutts, also known as ‘DMC’. In capturing the skills of his profession, Toth says: ‘My aim was to emphasise his strong personality, and mesmerising character. I tripled the portrait and placed it in a neutral space, the dynamics of the picture are provided by the motion of the hands as they play with the cards.’

    Drummond Money-Coutts - The Magician by Agnes Toth, 2013
    © Agnes Toth