Teresita in a coat
by Gonzalo Goytisolo

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Oil on canvas
720 x 620 mm

Gonzalo Goytisolo studied A-levels at the Kensington School, Barcelona before studying painting privately with artists Joaquim Santaló, Ramóm Boter and Ima Millet. His work has been seen in group and solo exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris.

The portrait is of Goytisolo’s wife of seventeen years, María-Teresa. Rather than working from studies, this portrait was painted entirely from life. As this required numerous sittings, often scheduled to benefit from natural light, this was a lengthy project. It gave María-Teresa an insight into her husband’s working practices while he was able to use this painstaking process.

    Teresita in a coat by Gonzalo Goytisolo, 2013
    © Gonzalo Goytisolo