Prize Winners

by Aleah Chapin

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Oil on canvas
1080 x 830 mm

At the BP Portrait Award 2013 Awards Ceremony on 18 June 2013 the First Prize was awarded to Susanne du Toit for Pieter.

Susanne du Toit was educated at the University of Pretoria and the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. She is now based in Crowthorne, Berkshire.Susanne’s winning portrait is of her eldest son Pieter. The sitting took place in her studio as part of a series of portraits of her family. She allowed Pieter to find his own pose, with the condition that his hands would appear prominently in the composition.

She says: ‘I look to the body to provide as much expression as the face. Having said that, the averted gaze of this portrait, which was his choice, struck me as characteristic of his reflective character, and became intensely engaging’.

First Prize: £30,000
At the judges’ discretion the winner will also receive a commission worth £5,000 to be agreed between the National Portrait Gallery and the artist.

    Pieter by Susanne du Toit, 2013
    © Susanne du Toit