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Tony Lewis
by Jamie Routley

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Oil on panel
240 x 300 mm

This year the BP Travel Award has been awarded to Bristol-based Dutch Artist Sophie Ploeg.

Having studied Art & Architectural History at universities in The Netherlands  Ploeg, 39, won for her proposal to explore how fashion and lace was represented in 17th century art, as well as in modern applications. She will visit famous lace-making centres such as Bruges in Belgium and Honiton in Devon, modern lace makers and artists, antique lace collections and 17th century art collections, as well as undertake  literary research. Sophie's final work will be inspired by her findings and will be displayed in the BP Portrait Award 2014 exhibition. 

BP Travel Award 2013: £6,000

    Self-portrait with Lace Collar by Sophie Ploeg, 2013
    © Sophie Ploeg