Mujer Sentada (Seated Woman)
by Jorge Abbad-Jaime de Aragón

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Oil on canvas

Jorge Abbad-Jaime de Aragón studied fine arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, winning awards and scholarships for further study in Spain. His work has been seen in group exhibitions in Madrid and Ávila and won the Antonio López García Award, 2013.

The portrait is of a professional model whom de Aragón wanted to paint in the European tradition while incorporating his native Spanish culture. The work is a collaboration between artist and model as the painter says: ‘I placed my model on a green chair and asked her to express herself... and she adopted that final posture.’

    Mujer Sentada (Seated Woman) by Jorge Abbad-Jaime de Aragón, 2013
    © Jorge Abbad-Jaime de Aragón