M.F. Husain
by Yanko Tihov

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Oil on canvas panel

Yanko Tihov undertook a BA degree in fine arts and printmaking at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia. His work has been seen in numerous group exhibitions in the UK and USA and is frequently selected for inclusion in the exhibitions of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

This is a posthumous portrait of the Indian film maker and artist, M.F. Husain (1915–2011), created from sketches and photographs made while the two men worked together in 2008. Husain enjoyed the process of sitting for the portrait, and saw the early stages of the painting. The portrait includes a work from Husain’s ‘Civilization’ series.

    M.F. Husain by Yanko Tihov, 2013
    © Yanko Tihov