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Man with a Plaid Blanket
by Thomas Ganter

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Oil on canvas
160 x 60cm 

At the BP Portrait Award 2014 Awards Ceremony on 24 June 2014 the First Prize was awarded to Thomas Ganter for Man with a Plaid Blanket.

Thomas Ganter is an artist and illustrator from Frankfurt/Main, Germany. His portrait of Karel, a homeless man he was inspired to paint following a visit to a museum, invites the viewer to contemplate the coexistence of wealth and poverty.

He says: ‘After being in a museum, I saw a homeless man and was stunned by a similarity: the clothes, the pose, and other details resembled what I just saw in various paintings. However, this time I was looking at a homeless person wrapped in a blanket. By portraying a homeless man in a manner reserved for nobles or saints, I tried to emphasise that everyone deserves respect and care. Human dignity shouldn’t be relative or dependent on socio-economic status’.

First Prize: £30,000

At the judges’ discretion the winner will also receive a commission worth £5,000 to be agreed between the National Portrait Gallery and the artist.

Man with a Plaid Blanket by Thomas Ganter, 2013
© Thomas Ganter