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Jean Woods
by Richard Twose

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Oil on board
90 x 60cm

At the BP Portrait Award 2014 Awards Ceremony on 24 June 2014 the Second Prize was awarded to Richard Twose for Jean Woods.

Richard Twose is an artist and teacher based in Bath and it was there that he first saw the sitter of his portrait, Jean Woods. He was impressed not only by her striking looks and style, but also by the depth of character in her face. Following the broadcast of Channel Four's documentary Fabulous Fashionistas which featured Jean, Richard’s daughter told him she was the grandmother of a friend. After calling and asking her to sit for him, he was struck by her professionalism – derived from her recent experience as a fashion model and from a quality of stillness she seemed to possess naturally.

He says: ‘Sometimes as Jean was talking, especially about her much-missed late husband, she reminded me of Rembrandt's Portrait of Margaretha de Geer. Jean has a similar intensity and honesty in her gaze. I wanted to capture that sense of someone who has learnt to be almost fearless, looking forward to life still but with a great richness of experience behind her’.

Second Prize: £10,000.

Jean Woods by Richard Twose, 2014
© Richard Twose