Prize Winners

by Edward Sutcliffe with Li Wu Da

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Oil on canvas
150 x 60cm

At the BP Portrait Award 2014 Awards Ceremony on 24 June 2014 the BP Travel Award 2014 was awarded to Edward Sutcliffe.

Edward won for his proposal to document the Compton Cricket Club in Los Angeles which was formed to help encourage and empower the disaffected youth of an area synonymous with poverty and crime. By spending time with the team, either on the pitch or in their everyday lives, and seeing the impact that playing cricket has had, Sutcliffe intends to produce portraits that show a fusion of two very different cultures and how the game of cricket, with its ethos of fair play and honestly, has been embraced by this community.

BP Travel Award 2014: £6,000

All selected artists were invited to apply for the BP Travel Award 2014 and the resulting work will be displayed as part of the BP Portrait Award 2015 exhibition.

Copycat by Edward Sutcliffe with Li Wu Da, 2014
© Edward Sutcliffe