Group rules

Rules for the BP Portrait Award: Next Generation Flickr group

Please read and agree to these rules before submitting content to either the BP Portrait Award: Next Generation Flickr group or by using the #bpnextgen hashtag on Instagram.

1. You may contribute images which are photographs of painted portraits or photographs of drawings towards a painted portrait.

2. Contributed images must be by young people aged 14 to 21 years old at the time of image submission, and of the artist’s own work.

3. Please use a Flickr or Instagram profile and member name which does not identify your personal contact details.

4. Any photographs you submit may be displayed in the following ways, in addition to appearing in the BP Portrait Award: Next Generation group on the Flickr website:
- on the BP Portrait Award: Next Generation website
- on the National Portrait Gallery website
- projected in the Gallery at sponsor events associated with BP Portrait Award: Next Generation project
- promoted through the National Portrait Gallery’s social media accounts
- in reports and promotional materials for the BP Portrait Award: Next Generation project
- Any photos used will be attributed to the contributor's user name and where possible link back to the original photographs on Flickr or Instagram

5. The National Portrait Gallery will not otherwise use, print or archive contributors' photographs in any way other than those outlined above in Rule 4 above, without first obtaining the explicit additional permission of the Flickr contributor.

6. Images must be a minimum of 500KB in size.

7. Please see the project’s terms and conditions for information on what constitutes a portrait.

8. The BP Portrait Award: Next Generation Group photographs are moderated so, once accepted, it may take up to 48 hours for your photographs to be added to the Group's pool.

9. Contributions must not contain explicit or offensive material (i.e. images of a sexual nature, racial discrimination, violence, offensive language etc.), or infringe the intellectual property rights or copyright of a third party.

10. Contributors’ photographs will be not displayed if the Moderator deems it is not a portrait, if there is any doubt about the image being the artist’s own work, or if there is doubt that the image is produced by someone in the 14-21 year old age range.

11. Teachers or group leaders may upload works made by their students, as long as these are images of painted portraits painted by young people aged 14-21.

12. You can submit up to a maximum of 20 photographs. Note - For Flickr: you need to have at least 5 photos/images in your personal photostream before any portrait images added to the Next Generation Flickr group can be displayed on this website.

For Instagram: your profile must be set to ‘public’ for us to see and share your submissions.

13. The National Portrait Gallery is not obliged to display images. The decision to accept uploads is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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