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Gallery Tour: A History of British Versatility in Twelve Portraits

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1 May 2020, 18:00

Meet in the Main Hall


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Florence Nightingale
printed by Henry Lenthall, after William Edward Kilburn
1864-1877 (circa 1856)
NPG x16136

We all know that Leonardo da Vinci was a many-sided genius. But what of Britain's very own polymaths? Waqās Ahmed takes you on a gallery tour of some of the most versatile men and women in British history, spotlighting their life and work to remind us that this age-old tradition of pursuing multiple seemingly unrelated fields has more relevance to today than we might think.

Waqas Ahmed is an Artistic Director at The Khalili Collections – one of the world's great art collections – and is simultaneously completing his postgraduate studies in Neuroscience at Kings College, London. Previously, Waqas was Global Correspondent at FIRST Magazine, where his exclusive interviews included world leaders in government, business and academia. He was also the editor of Holy Makkah, the first-of-its-kind exploration of the sacred city, which received praise from UNESCO, the Commonwealth and the Vatican. Born and raised in Britain, Waqas has since lived in several countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. He has degrees in Economics (BSc, SOAS) and International Relations (MSc, LSE).  He spent five years travelling the world researching and writing The Polymath, his first book.

This event is part of the Polymath Festival.