Guest DJ: Ruby Savage

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5 October 2018, 18:00

Main Hall


  • Music||Friday Lates
DJ Ruby Savage
© Michael Fordham

Listen and unwind at the bar as Ruby Savage creates a set in response to Michael Jackson: On the Wall.

Ruby says: Michael Jackson- or cousin Mike as I like to call him since I’m 100% sure we’re related - I’ve got those Jackson cheeks too! - has been an absolute icon throughout my life since I was introduced to Thriller as a toddler. From the very first moment I heard and saw him play, I believed in magic. His sublime capturing of musical grooves and movement caught my wildest imaginations. Mike got me into dancing, singing and ooohweeeing and over 30 years later I can put on any of his records and still have a proper jam out... which is exactly what I intend to do at the NPG.

Part of the programme of events complementing Michael Jackson: On the Wall.

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