Art Meditations with Walter and Zoniel

11 January 2019, 19:30

Room 31, Floor 1

Free ticket required. Book online, or visit the Gallery in person

Workshop: Art Meditations with Walter and Zoniel
© Walter and Zoniel

The artist duo Walter and Zoniel perform their Art Enlightens meditation practice across two 20-minute sessions in Room 31 of the National Portrait Gallery.

During each session there will be the opportunity for participants to engage in the AE practice and be led through the immersive artwork by Walter and Zoniel.

Art Enlightens is an experiential practice that can be realised by people of all ages and all levels of experience. Zero former knowledge or understanding of art is required. The practice is about forming a uniquely strong and personal bond between an individual and artwork, creating a basis for individuals to experience art on their own terms, in their own headspace, and through their own senses.

Through a series of simple meditations, devised by the artists, people are taken on a four-stage journey through relaxation, awareness, connection and empowerment, engaging them with their personal relationship with an artwork. The artists have created this work as progression in their practice and a natural step of their belief that Art Is For Everyone. In response to the gallery and institutional space, to enhance the experience of connection with art for current gallery-goers and to empower those who do not usually engage in these spaces or even with art at all.

Walter & Zoniel’s work deals predominantly with the human relationship to the sublime, manifesting in a dynamic range of physical and immersive forms. Through these means they explore everyday access points to the sublime, and the manner in which we allow or disallow ourselves these experiences. Their studies materialise in works exploring our relationships with nature, the cosmos, the cellular, the social, identity, and awareness.

Through a conceptual and innovative process-based practice they often expand or develop entirely new processes in order to create their artwork. Working in a spectrum of artistic mediums including installation, photography, painting, sculpture and video, their work is at the same time metaphoric, literal and narrative.

Walter & Zoniel have integrated many elements of meditation and mindfulness into their artworks. Their Art Enlightens work sees them put the act of meditation at the fore.

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