Our sponsorship of Giacometti: Pure Presence marks the continuation of many years of partnership with the National Portrait Gallery and is a part of our steadfast commitment to promoting culture. We believe that art has the power to educate and enrich societies and helps economies to thrive.

We hope that you enjoy this unique presentation of Alberto Giacometti's compelling work in portraiture.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch workshops

Thanks to sponsorship from Bank of America Merrill Lynch the National Portrait Gallery is working with two schools, Oak Lodge School for students with hearing, speech, language and communication needs in Wandsworth and Drumbeat School for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Brockley. These two groups of GCSE students are being given opportunities for making and learning through a series of visits to the exhibition and artist-led workshops back at the schools. The two artists are Jasleen Kaur and Chloe Cooper.

To date, the project has been a great success, with positive feedback from pupils and teachers as well as volunteers from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, who are also participating in the sessions.

“I realised how the Bank’s contribution gives children an opportunity to learn about and experience art. I learned about the artist Giacometti and met some interesting children and staff.”

Manoj, Volunteer, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

“Once again a fun and engaging workshop that inspires both students and teachers – an excellent session- inclusive, fun, stretching and challenging for all!” Fiona, Teacher, Drumbeat School