Gallery Talk: Julian Opie after Van Dyck (Session 2)

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23 November 2017, 18:30-19:15

Room 7

Tickets: £8 (£7 concessions and Gallery Supporters) Book online, or visit the Gallery in person.

Sir Anthony van Dyck
by Sir Anthony van Dyck
circa 1640
NPG 6987

Julian Opie. Luisa. 2. 2015 Courtesy Julian Opie and Lisson Gallery, London

Working in mosaic, cut plastic and metal and animation on LCD screen - mediums found in both art history and the contemporary world – Julian Opie’s portraits move from the reduced circles and lines of his distinctive drawing style, to greater detail and depth that reflects renaissance portraiture, Manga and Roman friezes. In this gallery talk, Opie discusses the subjects and processes behind his works currently on display in Julian Opie after Van Dyck.

Through bold outlines and blocks of colour, he conveys the subject’s distinctive likeness and raises questions about the nature of portraiture. Opie’s work references historical portraiture, and has often used compositional devices employed by seventeenth century artists. The portraits in this display are a testament to Van Dyck’s lasting legacy in Britain.

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