Late Shift Extra: Noise of Art

Friday 10 December

Late Shift in partnership with FTI Consulting

Noise of Art was curated with New Music Plus

Noise of Art was a one-off, site specific music and sound extravaganza. From classical to house, leading creative music producers created audio-visual works which reflected the space and themes of the Gallery.

Events included:

  • Maija Handover installed the site-specific sound work The Vanishing Walls in the Tudor galleries, using found sounds from historic houses
  • Creative producer Ben Osborne and Your mum created Outside-in, a 360˚ audio visual portrait of the exterior of the Gallery projected inside
  • Composer and creative producer Phillip Neil Martin teamed up with vocal ensemble Juice, crossing the divide between experimental concert pieces, dance, film and fashion
  • Human beatboxer and creative producer Jason Singh created a sonic response to The Anti-Slavery Society Convention by Benjamin Robert Haydon
  • Overlap explored the shifting relationship between moving and still image portraits of Chinese silent-movie star Anna Mae Wong, accompanied by the artist’s audio soundscape
  • New Music Plus producer and concert pianist Will Dutta played studies and nocturnes with fellow pianist Stuart Davies, reflecting on the musical legacy of two pioneering composers, Chopin and Liszt
  • Noise of Art collaborator Mark Scott Wood marched his silent political protest banners and slogans through the Victorian galleries
  • DJ sets from Ben Osborne and friends

Download the full programme of the night's events