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All programmes are cross-curricular, but can be focused more centrally on one subject by choosing specific activities.

Making a Mark programmes

Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

The following sessions can be tailored to fit the needs of groups from Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 or students at Key Stage 3.

Victorian village: the Museum offers 10 sessions that schools can choose between and combine to create their own Key Stage relevant programme. Sessions use photos of the miners, mine visits, the village, the Methodist Chapel and meeting Henry Pease (the Quaker mine owner) to explore the living and working conditions of Skinningrove’s Victorian mining families. Through role play, students immerse themselves in daily lives of the past, helping them reflect on their own lives in comparison. Sessions can be combined with related sessions at Kirkleatham Museum.

Wild Skinningrove: the Museum offers 6 sessions for schools to create their own History, Geography and Science focused programme. These include meeting Charles Darwin and exploring evolution and natural selection, practical field work investigations on habitats and art sessions drawing on Skinningrove’s environment. These sessions are a great way for students to really get to know their local environment.

Key Stage 2 and 3

The following session can be tailored to fit the needs of Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3

Local landscapes: schools can choose between 7 sessions to create their own Geography and Science focused programme. Sessions include visiting the valley and beach, studying rocks and meeting a local Victorian geologist to explore the environmental legacy of the Victorian’s mining activities. Great for helping students understand how the land has formed people’s lives and how people have shaped the land.

Valley of Iron and Stone: students meet a local Victorian archaeologist and explore how Stone and Iron Age people lived in our area. Exploring local lives in this exciting immersive way helps students to make connections with people whose lives are so different from their own.

Imagined lives: students work with an actor to research local lives using primary source evidence. They then dramatise them in a Miner’s Enquiry, bringing characters to life and developing empathy.

You can use our online resources to help students explore personal, local and national identity as an extension to museum visits or to enrich classroom work.

It informed the students of the history needed to compose an effective piece of writing.  It was a great way to combine History, English and Drama.’ English Teacher Key Stage 3

‘The sessions cover so many areas of the curriculum through a hands on experience that it would take you weeks to cover in the classroom.’ Teacher Year 4/5

“My visit to the museum made me feel interested because it made me think.” Year 2 student


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