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Making a Mark programmes

All Hartlepool Museum’s Making a Mark programmes are FREE and take place over two sessions.

Key Stage 1

Portraits and Art: What better way to explore what makes you you than through self portraits? In these sessions, students explore art works and learn step-by-step techniques for making their own portraits. (Can also be tailored to Reception classes.)

Key Stage 1 and 2

Creative writing programme: students investigate Victorian collectors and portraits as they develop their creative writing skills, culminating in photographic freeze frames of their stories.

Key Stage 2

Local heroes: local history: Whether through great achievements or acts of kindness, it is people who’ve made Hartlepool what it is. In these sessions, students contrast a large portrait of Ralph Ward Jackson with a small picture of Henry Hood to explore what portraits say about their sitters and about life in Victorian Hartlepool.

First World War Hartlepool: The story of the bombardment of Hartlepool is great for exploring the spirit of our community. In these sessions, students study the bombardment, the Zeppelin raids and the war bond tank, and uncover stories of people of local and national significance in the First World War. (Fits in with Cornerstones: Fallen Fields - local history study)

You can use our online resources to help students explore personal, local and national identity as an extension to museum visits or to enrich classroom work.

‘The sessions were high quality with good quality venues, excellent resources and staff who were outstanding in their delivery to the children.’ Assistant Head (Key Stage 1)

‘Making a Mark had a positive effect on the quality of work. The standard of drawings the children produced was really surprising.’ Art and Design Co-ordinator

“My visit to the museum made me feel happy and excited because I was really interested and I love painting.” Year 3 student


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