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Making a Mark programmes

All Kirkleatham Museum’s Making a Mark programmes can take place over two or three sessions. Students taking part receive a free sticker and badge.

Key Stage 1

Seaside holidays: The story of how the Pease family created Saltburn is a great way to learn about important people and places locally. In these sessions, students investigate the development of Saltburn and the railways by the Pease family, explore Victorian photography, pose for their portrait and design their own postcards (Also available for Key Stage 2).

Key Stage 2

Time travel with Gertrude Bell: students travel in time with a local Victorian Archaeologist to discover more about the development of Redcar and Cleveland in one or more historical periods: Romans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Tudors, Victorians or WWII. Great for chronology and for developing a strong sense of local identity.

Victorian ironstone miners: work, rest and play: a joint programme with Cleveland Ironstone Museum looking at all aspects of Victorian life in our locality, including the coming of the railways. Through role play and being in costume students immerse themselves in daily lives of the past, helping them reflect on their own lives in comparison.

First World War Local History Study: combining the dramatic stories of the battle for the skies with the highly personal letters of the day is a great way to explore local identity and build empathy. In these sessions students explore First World War artefacts and investigate local heroes, personalities and sites, including Marske Aerodrome and WE Johns—author of the Biggles stories. Working with a local storyteller children develop and perform their own stories, drawing on authentic letters and postcards. (Fits in with Cornerstones: Fallen Fields - local history study)

You can use our online resources to help students explore personal, local and national identity as an extension to museum visits or to enrich classroom work.

The staff and resources made this a high quality visit, with well planned activities which catered to different learning stylesAssistant Head

Children have been filled with so much enthusiasm they enjoy completing the work at school and so produce better quality workTeacher Year 1/2

“My visit to the museum made me feel interested because there was so much fun things to learn.” Year 3 student


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