Beside our seaside: Did you know..?

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Saltburn pier was originally built to a length of 1500ft – that’s nearly half a kilometre.

The cliff at Saltburn is too steep to climb down. The world’s oldest remaining water-balanced cliff lift links the town with the pier and beach.

Redcar has the oldest existing lifeboat in the world – the Zetland. She came to Redcar in 1802, was in service for 78 years and saved over 500 lives.

The 2007 Hollywood film ‘Atonement’, starring James McAvoy and Kiera Knightly was filmed at Redcar beach and features 1,000 local extras.

There is a submerged forest on the coast of Hartlepool. It is thought to have originated 7,000 years ago, becoming engulfed as sea levels rose. Its peaty soil can still be seen at low tide.