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While mountaineering in Switzerland, Gertrude Bell was caught in a blizzard and spent two days hanging from a rope.

Dr Nicholas Patrick spent a total of 18 hours on space walks, attached to the space station by just an umbilical cable, supplying oxygen and electricity.

Alice Schofield Coates once told Winston Churchill to ‘shut up and sit down’ (when he refused to stick to the point at a meeting she was chairing).

In 1875 Arthur Dorman set up the steel making company Dorman Long with his partner Albert de Lande Long. It is still making structures around the world today. After the terrible earthquakes in Nepal (in April 2015), the Company were contacted by somebody who had found ‘Dorman Long’ stamped into one of the damaged buildings.

The bronze statue of Joseph Pease in Darlington was sculpted by George Anderson Lawson and unveiled in 1875. The statue is one-and-a-half life size and said to be ‘rather more portly’ than the man himself. Lawson never actually met Joseph Pease…