5. Publicising and launching your exhibition

Publicising and launching your exhibition is a great opportunity for students to:

  • Identify audiences and purposes for writing
  • Draft, proof and edit text for public consumption and display (you don’t want mistakes in your exhibition posters and invitations!)
  • Use structures, grammar and vocabulary that is different to informal speech
  • Design and present information in eye-catching and appealing ways

Show the students the invitations, posters and leaflets in the Inspiration gallery’s ‘Publicising’ theme. Discuss what they think is effective about them. Would they make you want to go along? Why? Students can design their own using the Invitation, Poster and Leaflet templates. They could customise these to fit with their theme – design it as a train ticket, for example, or decorate it with symbols that relate to the exhibition eg: Australian Aboriginal or English Saxon symbols.

Plan a special event for invited guests. Create a class list of who to invite to your exhibition: family, other classes, school governors, other schools (peer schools or to aid transition), people from local museums, local councillors, people who contributed memories or objects. Make invitations using the Invitation template. Write a press release and invite the local press to cover the event and report on the exhibition. Students can write and give an opening speech. They can prepare, make and serve tempting, healthy refreshments for their visitors – can they relate these to their theme?

Students can advertise the exhibition to their peers in assembly through a presentation or performance. They could also do this in other local schools.

Students could write a piece about the exhibition for the school newsletter or website. They could create posts for the school Facebook page, or write tweets – getting the message across in no more than 126 characters for the school Twitter account.

Students could also:

  • Create themed entry tickets or stickers
  • Produce an exhibition guide book or leaflet
  • Make mementos for families to take home with them such as a special ‘school poppy’ to commemorate the area’s involvement in World War I, or a ‘Saxon’ bead or coin

Inspiration gallery

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Redcar beach ice-cream seller’s tricycle

© Redcar and Cleveland Council Cultural Service, Kirkleatham Museum

Age of steam Exhibition display

© Head of Steam – Darlington Railway Museum

Saxon life Exhibition display

© Redcar and Cleveland Council Cultural Service, Kirkleatham Museum

Australian Aboriginal life exhibition display

© Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

Darlington station office exhibition display

© Head of Steam – Darlington Railway Museum

Locomotion I Exhibition diorama

© Head of Steam – Darlington Railway Museum

Victorian Galleries

© National Portrait Gallery, London

Safe and Sound, exhibition display

© Museum of Hartlepool