‘This first ever major museum retrospective of Man Ray's photographic portraits highlights both his pioneering experimental photographic techniques and his choice of powerful and beautiful subjects…. Delivers a stunning selection of work from one of the world's first great photographers.’
Time Out, 19 February 2013
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‘Showcases Man Ray's brilliant inventiveness as a photographer... Man Ray’s name resonates with images of glamorous models and art history legends of the 20th century... Solarised Portrait of Lee Miller, c.1929, is perfection: her soft profile seemingly outlined in gold.’
Evening Standard
, 11 February 2013
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‘[Man Ray’s] experimentation with the photographic form matched the dazzling innovation of those within his social circles... It’s his evident desire to capture the essence of his sitter, rather than just employ clever tricks, that is repeatedly striking... Man Ray’s handling of light is really the star of the show.’
, 12 February 2013
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‘Compelling new exhibition... The greatest surprise of his portraits was not that they were so absurdist or daring, but that they were so true to his subjects... His fondness for people is the overwhelming sense you get from this compelling exhibition’
The Independent
, 11 Feb 2013

‘Engrossing examination of his work as a portrait photographer... A photographic tribute to one of the most desirable address books ever... Everyone who was anyone in the interwar avant-garde... The most enticing sequence of feminine portrayals in the whole of photography... Like all really good shows, this one has a tangible final act’
The Sunday Times
, 10 February 2013

‘The exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of the artist’s photographic career... A neat, accomplished exhibition’
Daily Telegraph, 5 February 2013