Keep the Home Fires Burning: War and Work at Home

This theme explores the wide-ranging impacts of the war on British society, agriculture, trade and industry. It looks at the new roles created for women in the workplace; and the many social changes and opportunities - as well the hardships and deep suffering – caused by the war.

The First World War was the first ‘total war,’ impacting on everyone's lives, but what did the experience of war mean to those on the home front? In what ways were men's and women's attitudes and experiences of the war similar, or different? What happened to children – or to those who refused to fight?

Use this evidence to answer some key questions: what was the impact of war across the United Kingdom and the British Empire? How did these impacts differ from country to country, and how were they the same? What was the local impact of the war? And how do different communities remember the war dead today?