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National Memory – Local Stories Workshops

Central to National Memory - Local Stories is a set of creative workshops facilitated and delivered by Media 19, in association with the four project partner museums outside London. Working with digital media and expressive writing, Media 19 encouraged young people to find their own way of connecting with local and national history through visual imagery, stories and experiences of the First World War. Project participants explored a range of museum collection objects, resources and archival materials and researched their own family and community connections.

Through structured discussion and activities in each workshop, the young people developed new skills and were motivated to question and challenge their own understanding of the First World War before going on to produce a personal and creative visual response to this milestone in British history.

Each museum partner worked with a practising artist, who created his/her own response to the museum’s collection objects. The artist integrated their practice into the wider project by engaging in selected workshop sessions. This included visits to local sites relating to the history of the First World War and explorations of collection objects alongside the workshop participants. The artist also provided a workshop presentation about their process of developing a creative response to the ideas and themes that National Memory – Local Stories explores.

Media 19 are an arts and digital media organisation delivering UK wide cross platform creative participation projects.

Workshop Video

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