The Workshops: Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales


Watch a short video about the National Memory – Local Stories workshops at Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales (2:22)

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The Participants from Amgeuddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Youth Forum

When Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales was invited to become a partner in National Memory – Local Stories, they had just started recruiting for a Youth Forum at National Museum Cardiff.  This group of young people were the National Memory – Local Stories participants in Cardiff.  Some of the young people, aged 12 – 18, were studying for A-levels at secondary school, some were from a local youth drop-in centre, some were from a youth club in Caerphilly and others were from FE colleges.  National Memory – Local Stories provided an introduction to museums and galleries for the group and they are all now playing an active part in the Forum, building on their experience with this project and developing ways of involving more young people in the First World War Centenary.

The Workshops at the Museum

In preparation for the project with Media 19, the Youth Forum group met once a week for six weeks to explore various aspects and perspectives of the First World War and to discover possible resources they might use in their creative work.  This included talks from guest speakers on 'life as a soldier' and the role of the Welsh miners as 'tunnellers', as well as visits to the Museum’s Print Room to look at the Britain’s Efforts and Ideals lithographs.  A visit was also made to St Fagans National History Museum to look at items in photographic and social history collections relating to the First World War.   Each week the group also worked with artist David Marchant to explore ways to respond creatively to what the group had discovered. The workshop experiences helped the group to bond together, and provided important historical and subject knowledge prior to beginning the sessions with Media 19.

The main collection resources for the project workshops with Media 19 included the Museum’s set of Britain’s Efforts and Ideals prints, First World War postcards and a photographic collection from St Fagans Museum.  

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