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The Participants from Firrhill High School, Edinburgh

Firrhill High School is a secondary school.  All S3s (Year 9s) at Firrhill study ‘Scotland in the Era of the Great War’, focusing on both the Western Front and the domestic impact of the conflict. The participants were all female, studying both art and history, and self-selected for the project.

Working both in school and at National Museum of Scotland sites, the workshop participants were able to explore the more personal stories of the First World War, bringing in their own experience as well as building on their learning. The group’s completed digital media projects will be on permanent display in the school.

A group of eleven S3 girls, aged 13 -14, from Firrhill High School took part in the National Memory – Local Stories project.

The Workshops at the Museum

The workshops included a handling session using the National Museums Scotland’s set of First World War objects that were brought to the school. This mainly included artefacts used in the trenches and clothing, including a kilt.

Two museum visits were arranged as part of the workshops.  One was to the National War Museum and National War Memorial in Edinburgh Castle.  The second trip was to the National Museum of Flight at East Fortune.  These visits allowed some of the participants to find connections to the First World War that resonated for them.  Others were inspired by more generic period imagery shown in some of the workshop sessions, or by personal family connections that they uncovered as part of their own enquiries motivated by the project.  Many were inspired by a new awareness of the progress of women during the period of the First World War.

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