‘This show, which anyone might want to visit again and again, exposes a side of Picasso’s output that isn’t often highlighted — portraits of people he knew. At the same time, through the cleverness of its curatorial choices, it once again convincingly celebrates — even after all the Picasso shows there have been — his general greatness.’
Evening Standard

‘...there are marvellous things all the way through, more than enough to make this one of the year’s must-see shows. You leave astonished at Picasso’s near-miraculous ability to make lines, colours and brush marks do absolutely anything he wanted.’
Daily Telegraph

‘He was a revolutionary whose art is still capable of shattering everything we think we know about reality.’

‘Picasso’s many portraits of friends, lovers and family are among the most vivid pieces of his fantastically prolific and experimental career.’
The Times

“Portraiture was central to Picasso’s concerns, so this lively, engrossing show is inevitably a retrospective in miniature... this show is a very good recapitulation of how Picasso as a god of forms vitalised portraiture after photography”
Financial Times

“That is the revelation of this enthralling show: it humanises Picasso, weaving the story of his life with that of his art in a most intimate way. And he himself saw it as a vast pictorial autobiography. Certainly the subject of his portraits is picture-making – the late takes on Velázquez are nothing less than portraits of pictures – as much as the human beings who came before him. But for all his superhuman genius, Picasso turns out to be just as mortal.”
The Observer