Billy Childish

Artist, poet and musician

Black and white photo of a man with light skin tone in a vest sitting in front of cluttered shelves Billy Childish, by Pete Millson, August 2001, NPG x132548, © Pete Millson

Author of forty-five collections including The River be my Blud: Medway poems 1980-2005 and Bent Haikus.

i am a desperate man who love the simplisity of painting
and hates gallarys and white walls
and dealers in art

From ‘i am the strange hero of hunger’ in the man with the gallows eyes, selected poetry 1980-2005 (London: The Aquarium Woburn Walk, 2005)

today dolli isn’t hard and arrogant
she isn’t puffed up and bitter
i can hear her tiredness and a tremour
in her voice

From ‘the strangest thing’ in 3:AM Magazine (June 2002) see 3:am Magazine