Charles Tomlinson (1927-2015)

Poet; Professor of English, University of Bristol

Black and white photo of an older man with light skin tone, wearing glasses and sitting in a room lined with bookshelves (Alfred) Charles Tomlinson, by Norman McBeath, 22 May 2003, NPG x126409, © Norman McBeath / National Portrait Gallery, London

Poet, artist and professor of English. In addition to his own published works, edited The Oxford Book of Verse in English Translation.

a lean stiletto-shard
tapering to its tip

From ‘The Blade’ in Annunciations (Oxford: OUP, 1989)

Silk scarves of flame
wind from the coals
liquidly leaping them to and fro

From ‘Fire and Air’ in Poetry Review 88.3 (Autumn 1998)