Fleur Adcock


Poet, born in New Zealand. Author of ten books of poetry, her Poems 1960–2000, was published in 2000. In 1976, Adcock won a Cholmondeley Award and in 1996 Adcock received an OBE.  She was awarded the Queen's Medal for Poetry in 2006.


They serve revolving saucer eyes, dishes of stars ...
From ‘The Ex-Queen among the Astronomers’ in Selected Poems (Oxford: OUP, 1983)


All we can do is wait and hope.
It’s been a sour season for fruit.
From ‘Summer in Bucharest’ in Looking Back (Oxford: OUP, 1997)



Fleur Adcock
by George Newson
bromide fibre print, 23 March 1990
NPG x35741
© George Newson / Lebrecht Music & Arts