Michael Horovitz

Poet, editor and translator

Founder and editor of New Departures (1959 onwards) and the live Jazz Poetry SuperJams and Poetry Olympics festivals. Horovitz became known to British and international audiences through his anthology Children of Albion (1969). Later collections included Growing Up: Selected Poems and Pictures, 1951-'79 (1979) and Grandchildren of Albion (1992).

see it all     without fear
sing it out     to each ear
From ‘Blank O’Clock Blues’ in The Poetry Olympics Marathon Anthology (London: New Departures, 2001)


     All over London late for work
underslept worry-frayed faces
clench and sweat
From ‘A Little Kite Music’ in A New Waste Land (London: New Departures, 2007)


Michael Horovitz
by Layle Silbert
bromide print, 26 February 1974
NPG x18589
© reserved; collection National Portrait Gallery, London