Owen Sheers

Poet, author and scriptwriter

Welsh poet, author and scriptwriter. His verse collection Skirrid Hill (2005) won a Somerset Maugham Award. His novel, Resistance, was translated into ten languages and Sheers wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation (2011). Sheers’s verse drama Pink Mist was commissioned by the BBC (2013).


And so suitable, that dragon,
the currency of legend, the tale
that is truer in its fiction than the facts can ever be
‘Flag’ in Poetry Review 91.4 (Winter 2001/02)


Her weight, the unspoken words
of an unlearned tongue.
‘Skirrid Fawr’ in Skirrid Hill (Bridgend: Seren, 2005)


Owen Sheers
by Madeleine Waller
C-type colour print, 22 June 2006
NPG x132075
© Madeleine Waller / National Portrait Gallery, London