Paul Farley

Poet, writer and broadcaster

Black and white photo of a man's face looking through a window with the words toastie, snacks and jacket printed on it Paul Farley, by Rizwan Mirza, 18 November 2001, NPG x126172, © Rizwan Mirza

Collections include The Ice Age, The Dark Film and the poems for radio, Field Recordings: BBC Poems 1998-2008.

its chairs stood on tables for months on end
praying for amnesia, for second chances;

From ‘ “The Igloo”’ in Poetry Review 87.2 (Summer 1997)

Sooner or later silence reaches the coast
and stops just short of getting its feet wet.

From ‘A minute’s silence’ from The Boy from the Chemist is here to see you (London: Picador, 1998)