Richard Jobson

Musician, poet, model, television presenter and film director

Print of a crouched figure with their head resting in their hand Richard Jobson, by Mike Owen, circa 1986, NPG x126476, © Mike Owen / National Portrait Gallery, London

Scottish musician, poet, television presenter and film director. Collections include the book A Man for All Seasons and the album The Right Man.

The senate built more senates
Using opium there for cement
And children carried bayonets
While mothers suffered laments

From ‘Don’t Ever Tell Anybody Anything’ audio recording on The Ballad of Etiquette album (Cocteau record label, 1981)

Parades of leaves
Fall parched on empty parks

From ‘Autumn’ audio recording on An Afternoon in Company album (Belgium: Love Crépuscule record label, 1984)